I got this!

A couple of months ago I was contacted by Brandon at Shaw Cable. They wanted to do a “Go” segment about Cakery Arts and myself. For local cable. I of course accepted and then I got nervous. As filming day approached I calmed down and thought, “I’ve got this!” I called my friend Nicole and asked her to do my make-up. My biggest concern was that I would be shiny.

Filming day came and my nerves came back. Again I thought to myself, “I’ve got this!” It was at this moment that I really found my confidence. They came and they asked thoughtful questions while filming. I was able to tell the story of how I ended up being self employed by opening Cakery Arts. It is my baby, my passion and my joy.

So this is me doing what I do. Open, real and honest. Hope you know me a wee bit better after watching.

Kelowna custom cake bakerCheers!

Cakery Arts
Kelowna Custom Cake Artist

For more information https://www.cakeryarts.com or Custom Cakes Kelowna

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